USA Today Article by Steve DiMeglio: Baby Girl, Burgeoning Business Keeps Annika Sorenstam Busy

Ava McGee and mommy, golf legend Annika Sorenstam

By Steve DiMeglio, USA TODAY
Time flies when you’re having fun — and staying busy.

So says Annika Sorenstam, who, much to her surprise, already is two years removed from playing her last LPGA tour event. Mindful not to use the “R” word when she announced in 2008 that she was stepping away from competitive golf, Sorenstam has hardly retired from golf or work after playing the 2008 season-ending ADT Championship.

“If there’s a day that ends in a “Y” I’m onto something,” Sorenstam said with a laugh over the phone near her home in Orlando.

She is not kidding. While she turned 40 earlier this year, there was no midlife crisis to contemplate. Instead, after a 15-year Hall of Fame career in which she set the gold standard in women’s golf by winning 10 major championships and nearly 90 tournaments worldwide while inspiring her vanquished foes to adopt physical fitness into their preparation, Sorenstam has seamlessly moved on to a new chapter in her life.

Where once her focal point in life was playing competitive golf, the epicenter of her second act in life is a small, 14-month-old bundle of joy named Ava — Sorenstam’s and husband Mike McGee’s first child. Hitting thousands of golf balls on the practice range and lifting thousands of pounds in the weight room once absorbed the vast majority of her life in a tunnel-vision journey toward the winner’s circle. Now Ava does.

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