Yuna Kim (Yeon-A Kim) Samsung Galaxy Tab Commercial

Yuna Kim Wins South Korea's First Ever Figure Skating Olympic Medal...And It's Gold!

Although my blog features tennis and golf as it’s primary sports, focusing mainly on the women’s side (although come 2011 I will post on both the men and women in tennis), I will occasionally post some other info on other athletes.  One of my favorite athletes is Yeon-A Kim (usually written Yuna Kim or Kim Yu-Na…the latter of which is incorrect phonetically…it is pronounced closer to Kim Yun-A…with Yun sounding similar to sun).  She did an extended commercial for the Samsung Galaxy Tab that I thought was super kawaii! In South Korea, there is probably no bigger star at the moment for a product endorsement than Yeon-A Kim.

…and here is a “behind the scenes” video

Please note: I will post news and commercials about player sponsorships not as a personal endorsement of those products but simply as player news.

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