In Response: Na Yeon Choi Korea Time Article; Choi tops money list, wins Vare Trophy

Na Yeon Choi, 2010 Vare Trophy and LPGA Money Title Winner

Check out this nice article on Na Yeon Choi by Yoon Chul of The Korea Times:

some excerpts:

“I am very satisfied with my season,” Choi said. “The Vare Trophy is what I wanted to achieve most in the LPGA. It is really meaningful for me,” Choi said.

“Honestly I wanted to get the Vare Trophy more than the Player of the Year award,” she added.

I honestly believe that NYC honestly has convinced herself of that.  However, she was in the driver’s seat going into the weekend with the Vare Trophy, especially considering where she and Kerr were heading into Sunday.  With the POY, she needed to win and get some help from Suzann Pettersen, so I think she was focused on the goal she had more control over.  The Vare Trophy is great, but who wouldn’t take Player of the Year over any other award?  Well, according to her, Na Yeon Choi.

Pak Se-ri was the first Korean to win the the Vare Trophy in 2003, while Park Ji-eun (Grace Park) claimed the title in 2004.

“I was concerned a lot about Kerr’s play,” Choi said. “Especially when I recorded my first bogey on the seventh in the final round, I was nervous. But as I was able to win with a margin of less than three shots between me and Kerr, I only focused on my play,” added Choi.

I would even give Choi more credit for her Vare Trophy.  Anybody who wins a Vare Trophy has achieved a remarkable feat based on a year of hard work, so Se Ri Pak and Grace Park are to be commended for what they did.  However, what is not noted here is that in both of those years Annika had a scoring average lower than both Se Ri and Grace but because of Annika’s selective schedule she fell a little short of the rounds necessary to qualify for the Vare Trophy.  That scenario did not play out this year where there is a player who missed qualifying for the Vare Trophy by a few rounds (I’m talking about somebody who played a full LPGA schedule as Annika did those years, not somebody from another tour who only played a few events).   Na Yeon Choi won the Vare Trophy outright.


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