Na Yeon Choi Awarded Best Korean On LPGA At 2010 KLPGA Awards Show

Na Yeon Choi at KLPGA Awards Show

At the 2010 KLPGA, the Korean Ladies Professional Golf Association, they give out an award for the best Korean playing on the LPGA tour in America. This year’s winner was 2010 Money Title and Vare Trophy winner Na Yeon Choi. I have stated previously that NYC is my early pick for 2011 LPGA Player of the Year. She has the talent. The confidence she will take into 2011 might just give her that extra spark to turn some close calls at winning into more victories. Here is a video of Na Yeon Choi receiving her award at the KLPGA Show and some other videos. For more thorough coverage of this event I would suggest HappyFan’s Seoul Sister Blog:

Na Yeon Choi’s award

Some more videos from the show

2010 Winners with brief speeches by Ran Hong (whose dress was so long and layered she needed help getting off stage) and Shin Ae Ahn

Honkak sings and gives flower to Most Popular winner Soo Jin Yang (1)

Honkak sings and gives flower to Most Popular winner Soo Jin Yang (2)

They really like to sing at this award show!

2010 KLPGA Player of the Year Bo Mi Lee was absent due to an obligation for new player orientation for the JLPGA, which she qualified for in 2011. I don’t know, but I would have thought that they could have let her do that at another time or worked something out so she could be present at the KLPGA ceremony to pick up her awards. At any rate, for more complete coverage of this event, I again direct you to:

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