Zheng Jie Confirmed To Miss 2011 Australian Open

As I touched on here:


…ZHENG Jie, a 2010 Australian Open semifinalist, will miss the 2o11 opening Major of the tennis season.

quote from ZHENG Jie:

“I did withdraw from next year’s Australian Open. It is a hard decision for me to make. I have plenty of good memories and experiences there, but I believe there will be more Australian Opens for me to attend if I can regain my health.”

She will also lose all the points she gained by making the semis last year, but as she says, regaining her health is most important.

But here is a funny, and correct, video of how to pronounce ZHENG Jie’s name. It frustrates my ears every time I listen to every tennis announcers, even former players, butcher her name. ZHENG should start with a J sound and rhyme with tongue or like they say in the video, it’s Zheng like the first syllable of jungle. Jie is a dipthong. Everybody can say gee as in gee-whiz and everybody can say yeah as in oh yeah…but soften or eliminate the y sound…put gee and eh together as one sound…

…what they don’t say in the video (but they do write it and pronounce it)  is that ZHENG is fourth tone and should drop sharply…Jie is second tone and should rise, similar to what a person speaking English would do to turn a statement into a question by letting the pitch rise at end of the phrase.


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