Vera Zvonareva Crushes Caroline Wozniacki and Venus Williams in Back To Back Matches At Hong Kong Classic

Vera Zvonareva

This might have been a team exhibition tournament, but Russia’s Vera Zvonareva came ready to play. The 2010 Wimbledon and US Open finalist sent a message to her competitors at the Australian Open that she is ready to take on all comers. In successive matches she beat Venus Williams 6-4 6-2 and then absolutely crushed #1-ranked Caroline Wozniacki 6-1 6-0. Again, only an exhibition tournament but wow! Caroline played an exhibition a week ago against 2010 WTA Player of the Year Kim Clijsters and didn’t get anywhere close to thumped like this. There are many who suspect it will be Vera, not Caroline, who first ends the Major drought in 2011. Vera certainly has tons of game. That has never been the issue. Does she have the mental strength to avoid meltdowns when the pressure is on? In an exhibition, there is nothing to lose, so she can just hit out. She needs to take that same “nothing to lose” attitude into her real events. She looked good going into the US Open final against Kim Clijsters and had beaten Kim twice during the summer. But under the big lights of a final, she looked lost and out of place as Kim took her apart. In other matches, she has pitched tearful tantrums that have undermined her ability to succeed. If she can turn the corner and work on the mental part of her game, everything else she needs is there.

Vera Zvonareva

Caroline Wozniacki

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