LPGA Cancels 2011 Tres Marias Championship Due To Violence

2010 Tres Marias Champion, Ai Miyazato

Due to escalating drug violence in the Morelia area of Mexico, the LPGA has decided to cancel the 2011 Tres Marias Championship. It is said they are “postponing” the event until 2012, but that’s still a 2011 cancellation. It had long been speculated that Tres Marias would be cancelled, but the LPGA would not commit to that decision until recent killings at a soccer game, where gunmen murdered seven people forced their hand. This is a wise move. There is no way any LPGA player should be asked to participate in an event where their safety is at this high a risk. Security guards mean nothing to the drug cartels. In my lifetime, I have met so many warm hearted and beautiful Mexican people. I hope a day is soon in coming that the governments and law enforcement agencies of both Mexico and the United States can quell this violence. It affects both countries. The last thing the US needs is a failed state right on our border.


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