2010 Hitachi 3 Tours Championship

JGTO, 2010 Hitachi 3 Tour Winners

Ok, this happened last year…but I came across a nice video, so I thought I’d make a post anyway. This is like the Wendy’s 3 Tour Challenge here. In Japan, they pit the ladies (JLPGA), the men (JGTO) and the seniors (PGA of Japan seniors). After finishing last in 2009, the JGTO won in 2010. Of course, I was rooting for the JLPGA, since I follow that tour and they had favorites of mine like Sakura Yokomine, Chie Arimura and Mi-Jeong Jeon, among others. Here’s some action, including Sakura Yokomine and Ryo Ishikawa. I love Ishikawa’s reaction to Sakura-chan’s putt!

some JLPGA pics from the competition

Sakura Yokomine

with Ryo Ishikawa

Yukari Baba

Sun-Ju Ahn

Mi Jeong Jeon, Chie Arimura and Sun-Ju Ahn

3 Tours


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