LPGA Commish Michael Whan Has The LPGA Heading In The Right Direction

…I give him a B…I think he was handed a sinking ship…not everything that he’s touched has turned golden…but look, I really do think that he has the LPGA rebounding…slowly…but try to remember where we were not too long ago…almost a coup to overthrow the previous Commish…longtime sponsors bailing…bad press about the LPGA front office and their treatment of those sponsors…I think he has done well overall given what a mess the LPGA was in when he came…and goodness, did he actually say in the press (in the second video), the players were right and he was wrong…when have words like that come out of the mouths of David Stern (NBA), Roger Goodell (NFL) or Bud Selig (MLB) in a nationally televised interview?

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