Future Chiropractors Work With LPGA Futures Tour

Haru Nomura

At the LPGA Futures Tour 2011 Daytona Invitational, won by Japan’s Haru Nomura, the Sports Council of Palmer College’s Florida Campus provided chiropractic care for any golfer who wanted it. I have heard people call the golf swing one of the most violent motions in sports, the torque and stress becoming a degenerative problem. But I have also heard from specialists that modern swing coaching is creating mechanics that are not properly suited for the body. One of my favorite players, Grace Park, has had back issues for many years. I imagine she has tried many avenues to alleviate this issue. I wonder if the issue is simply a unique problem for Grace and how much might be due to a swing that over the years put too much stress on her body. For years, she was one of the longer hitters on tour, but at the recent 2011 Kraft Nabisco Championship she was nearly 25-30 yards shorter than a few years ago.

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