Olympic Champion Kim Yeon-A (Yuna Kim) Leads After Short Program At 2011 World Figure Skating Championships

Reigning Olympic Champion Kim Yeon-A (Yuna Kim) of South Korea scored 65.91 in the short program at the 2011 World Figure Skating Championships to take first place going into the free skate. Her Giselle program, while giving her a slight 0.33 lead over chief rival Miki Ando of Japan, was not up to the level of her world record short program score of 78.50 from the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics. She planned an opening triple lutz-triple toe but stumbled after the triple lutz. She was able to recover nicely throughout the rest of the program, adding a double toe to a triple flip later. She also included a double axel and three level 4 spins. But more than that, I liked the passion in her David Wilson-choreographed performance. I thought her program had the most emotion I’ve seen from any of her routines. Had she been able to nail her opening combination, I wonder if she might have challenged her own short program world record. As it stands, she is where she would want to be, first place, but not where she would want to be, only 0.33 ahead of Ando. However, it does make for a much more intriguing free skate. Also, it should be noted that Yeon-A skipped the Grand Prix season and is going straight into the Worlds with no warm-up event. I don’t know if there are any skaters in the world who could do that and expect to win at Worlds. Oh wait, there is one. 🙂



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