Andre Agassi and Peachy Kellmeyer International Tennis Hall Of Fame Induction

Andre Agassi

Congratulations on well-deserved inductions into the International Tennis Hall of Fame for Andre Agassi and Peach Kellmeyer.


Career Super Slam Winner (Career Grand Slam, Olympic Gold Medalist, Tour Championship Winner)

8 Majors

1996 Olympic Singles Gold Medal

Former World #1

68 Career Titles

Founded the Andre Agassi College Preparatory Academy charter school for at-risk children


First Virginia Slims Tour Director

First Woman To Compete On Men’s Division I men’s team

from WTA site:

During Kellmeyer’s tenure, prize money on the WTA has increased from $309,000 in 1973 to over $86,000,000 in 2010, and the number of WTA events has risen from 23 domestic events to 53 events in 33 countries. Attendance at WTA events has also gone up dramatically, with nearly 5 million in-stadium fans annually, and TV exposure has increased with hundreds of millions of homes receiving over 6,000 hours of international coverage annually.

As well as the quest for equal prize money in tennis, Kellmeyer has been a tireless fighter for women’s rights in all sports. As physical education director at Marymount College in Boca Raton, Florida in the early seventies, Kellmeyer spearheaded a lawsuit that ultimately led to the dismantling of a National Education Association rule that had prohibited athletic scholarships being awarded to female athletes at colleges across the nation. The landmark case paved the way for Title IX and contributed greatly to the increase of female athletes in intercollegiate athletics. 

A member of the ITF’s Fed Cup Committee, Kellmeyer currently serves as WTA Operations Executive Consultant, and oversees the WTA’s alumnae program to ensure past players and tournament directors remain engaged with the WTA that they helped build.



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