2011 Evian Masters Introduction; Future Fifth Major?

Jiyai Shin, 2010 Evian Champion

Here is a little introduction video from the Evian Masters. But the real buzz in the ether is about the Evian Masters becoming the LPGA’s fifth Major. I love the Evian Masters and if the idea was to replace a lesser Major with a new, more high profile Major that would be great. But to add a fifth Major? Some might say that gives the LPGA a unique Grand Slam quintet. I would say it smacks a little of gimmickry. First, the LPGA creates an event, RR Donnelley, with no prize money paid but prize money “credited” to a players money list ranking. Now, a fifth Major? What’s next? Players get two mulligans per round? Final round ties decided by soccer style penalty kicks?


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