USA Soccer Women’s National Team Ready For Women’s World Cup Final

Hope Solo World Cup Final Training Session

It hasn’t been the smoothest road to the 2011 Women’s World Cup final, but nonetheless the USA Soccer Women’s National Team now stands poised to finish what they started. Abby Wambach has shown millions who didn’t know who she was three weeks ago why this team, when pushed to the brink, looks to her for miracles. She delivers salvation. Hope Solo, shunned four years ago, has since the last World Cup redeemed herself with an Olympic Gold Medal and now a place in the World Cup final. Alex Morgan appears to be the star of the future. But in the present, Abby, Hope, Alex and all of Team USA has an inspired team from Japan standing in their way. Nadeshiko Japan plays for more than just athletic glory. They play to lift an entire nation from tragedy. It’s difficult not to be moved by the mission of Team Japan. But there is no honor in rolling over so that a sentimental story can be told. If Japan is to win, they must earn it. The American team should go out and give no quarter. There is no sympathy on the pitch. However, more than than that, Team USA must cut down their mistakes. They have in some ways survived some shaky play at times to arrive in the final. They are the favorites, as well they should be. Now it is time to put all the hard work, training and talent together on the ultimate stage of women’s soccer.




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