United States 2011 Solheim Cup Team

2011 USA Solheim Cup Team

Congratulations and good luck to all the ladies on the 2011 USA Solheim Cup Team. Leave it to captain Rosie Jones to shake things up by choosing rookie Ryann O’Toole with one of her captain’s picks. The cynics would say she has very little experience as an LPGA player, only 7 events. She has no Solheim Cup experience. I would say the young lady is not lacking in bravado or confidence. Despite her lack of experience, I seriously doubt she will be nervous or intimidated in any way. Plus, I remember when Nicole Castrale was picked over, among others, Christina Kim once. There were many who thought former team spark plug Kim was robbed. But Nicole proved to be a good pick. She played well and even won the deciding point. And to be honest, if the cream at the top of the team does what they are expected to do, it shouldn’t come down to O’Toole winning the Cup for Team USA. If it does, that means a lot of players on Team USA played poorly. So I am fine with this team. They should play very well.

Here is the team, in order of points finish.

Cristie Kerr (Overall: 9-10-2; Singles: 1-3-1)

Stacy Lewis, 1st Solheim Cup

Morgan Pressel (Overall: 3-2-2; Singles: 2-0)

Angela Stanford (Overall: 3-4-3; Singles 2-1)

Paula Creamer (Overall: 8-2-4; Singles: 3-0)

Michelle Wie (Overall: 3-0-1; Singles: 1-0)

Brittany Lincicome (Overall: 2-4-1; Singles: 1-1)

Brittany Lang (Overall: 1-0-2; Singles: 0-0-1)

Juli Inkster (Overall: 15-10-6; Singles: 6-1-1)

Christina Kim (Overall: 5-2-1; Singles: 2-0)

Vicky Hurst, 1st Solheim Cup (captain's pick)

Ryann O'Toole, 1st Solheim Cup (captain's pick)

Rosie Jones, Team USA Captain

Sherri Steinhauer, Team USA Assistant Captain


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