9/11: In Memoriam

This is primarily a tennis and LPGA blog, but on this, the 10th anniversary of the tragic events of 9/11 I want to stop and pay tribute to the 2,606 souls lost in the World Trade Center, 87 lost on American Flight 11, 60 lost on United Flight 175, 125 lost at the Pentagon, 59 lost on Americn Flight 77 and 40 lost United Flight 40. The New York City Fire Department, New York City Police Department and Port Authority Police Department combined to lose 411 emergency workers with the vast majority, 343 (341 firefighters and 2 paramedics), from the NYC Fire Department. Let each of us, in our own way, take a moment to remember not only the souls who were lost, but the family and friends left behind. Let us remember all the children who lost a mother or father, or both. Let us pray for those husbands and wives who even 10 years later still feel the pain of their loss and still ask why this had to happen. For those whose faith in a higher power was shaken or shattered on that terrible day, may they one day reconcile their anger and grief. May peace be in our hearts today and all days.

Fire Department Chaplain Mychal Judge

2 thoughts on “9/11: In Memoriam

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