Shanshan Feng Wins 2nd JLPGA Event Of 2011 At Miyagi TV Cup Dunlop Ladies Open

Shanshan Feng

As a Shanshan Feng fan, the great news for me is that she won her 2nd LPGA of Japan (JLPGA) event of 2011 at the Miyagi TV Cup Dunlop Ladies Open. The not-so-great news for me is also that the Chinese star won her 2nd JLPGA event of 2011 at the Miyagi TV Cup Dunlop Ladies Open. OK, what I mean is that I enjoy watching Shanshan on the American LPGA Tour. With 2 wins in Japan, I just worry that she might start focusing on that tour. It’s not like she’s not playing well in the States, though. As of 9.25.2011, Feng has won $188,222 in 14 events, with 2 top 10s and 4 top 20s. She’s also a delightful personality.

Shanshan was in 5th place after the 2nd round, trailing leader Yuri Fudoh by 3 strokes. A final round  4-under par 68 by Shanshan, the only player in the 60s in the 3rd and final round, coupled with an even par 72 by Fudoh earned Feng her victory. Shanshan fired 5 birdies and 1 bogey, including huge back to back birdies on 17 and 18. Fudoh also birdied 18. Unfortunately for her, she needed eagle to force a playoff. She couldn’t do it, and Shanshan emerged victorious.

I’d also like to mention that this event was played in Miyagi Prefecture, the capital of which is Sendai. This area was devastated by the 2011 Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami on 3.11.2011. Many JLPGA players have strong ties to Miyagi Prefecture, including Chie Arimura and Ai Miyazato, who went to highschool in Sendai. It was very significant for many players to come back to Miyagi Prefecture.








Rank Name A.P. Hole Today
1 Shan-Shan Feng -8 F -4
2 Yuri Fudoh -7 F E
3 Shiho Oyama -5 F +1
4 Ji-Hee Lee -4 F E
Chiharu Tsunekawa -4 F +2
6 Junko Omote -3 F -2
Kumiko Kaneda -3 F -1
Mika Miyazato -3 F +2
9 Asako Fujimoto -2 F +1
Yukari Baba -2 F +1
Ji-Woo Lee -2 F +1
12 Mayu Hattori -1 F -1
Midori Yoneyama -1 F E
Hiromi Mogi -1 F +1
Rikako Morita -1 F +1
Esther Lee -1 F +2
17 Yuko Fukuda E F E
Na-Ri Lee E F E
Teresa Lu E *F -1
Chie Sakai E *F -2
Kaori Aoyama E F +2
Bo-Bae Song E F +3
23 Sakura Yokomine +1 F +1
Mihoko Iseri +1 F +2
Megumi Kido +1 F +4
26 Natsu Nagai +2 F +1
Ai Miyazato +2 F +1
Yuki Ichinose +2 F +2
Rui Kitada +2 F +2
Mayumi Shimomura +2 F +2
Erina Hara +2 *F E
Akane Iijima +2 *F E
Saori Ikushima +2 *F -1
Saiki Fujita +2 F +4
35 Mika Takushima +3 F +3
Shinobu Moromizato +3 *F +2
Eun-A Lim +3 F +5
Asami Kikuchi +3 F +5
Erina Yamato +3 *F E
40 Kaori Yamamoto +4 F +3
Sakurako Mori +4 *F +2
42 Mina Nakayama +5 F +4
Yeo-Jin Kang +5 F +4
Hee-Young Park +5 *F +4
Hiroko Ayada +5 *F +3
Toshimi Kimura +5 *F +2
47 Chie Arimura +6 F +5
48 Yui Mukaiyama +7 *F +4
49 Orie Fujino +8 *F +6
50 Nachiyo Ohtani +16 *F +14

6 thoughts on “Shanshan Feng Wins 2nd JLPGA Event Of 2011 At Miyagi TV Cup Dunlop Ladies Open

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    • You’re welcome! It was an emotional return for both Chie and Ai…they will both be in the winner’s circle again soon enough

  2. WOW, just wow.. another W for Feng on JLPGA tour, plus a second place finish, can we just call her “the Yani of JLPGA” from now? Not a good day for our Chie though, hope to see more of her, & more JLPGA coverage in the future please, Bobby, thanks as aalways 🙂

    • And like Yani, she works with Gary Gilchrist…hmmm…might be time for Michelle Wie to consider working with Gilchrist again…

  3. Feng is one of the best friend of Yani on the tour, and since they speak same language, she might be able to learn more from Yani than others…

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