Anna Kournikova Interviews For The Biggest Loser

Former world #8 singles player and 2-time Major doubles champion Anna Kournikova is one of two new trainers on the hit weight loss show, The Biggest Loser.  Anna still looks like she is in tremendous shape. Unfortunately, over the years Anna has been criticized for all of her sponsorship deals and fame while lacking a WTA singles title. I always try to point out that she has 16 doubles titles. And for those who say she often paired with Martina Hingis, I would say that she also has several titles with other partners. Furthermore, being the 8th ranked player in the world at one time and a Wimbledon semifinalist in singles is nothing to be ashamed of. If sponsors paid her more than her results warranted, then that’s their fault, not hers. And remember, sponsors want to sell product. They want stars. Superstars, if possible. If Kournikova’s looks were as important, or even more important, than her play then so what? It’s because of that stardom that Anna can still market herself outside of tennis long after her career is over.

Here she is on Regis & Kelly. Be careful, Anna…don’t kill Regis! 🙂

Here she is on NBC Universal.

2 thoughts on “Anna Kournikova Interviews For The Biggest Loser

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  2. Anna Kournikova is the best looking tennis player in my openion, never heard anything about her in years though, is she still playing in “team tennis” event?

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