Yani Tseng Wins 2nd LPGA Player of the Year Award

2011 Honda LPGA Thailand Winner

Why wait? It’s already mathematically impossible for any player to overtake Yani Tseng for Player of the Year. So LPGA Commissioner Michael Whan announced Yani as the Player of the Year with 5 events remaining during the promotion of this week’s Sunrise LPGA Taiwan Championship. She will formally be presented the award at the CME Titleholders event at the end of the year. Here is the announcement in Taiwan.

LPGA State Farm Classic Winner

Wegmans LPGA Championship Winner (Major)

Ricoh Women's British Open Winner (Major)

Walmart NW Arkansas Championship Winner


LPGA Hana Bank Championship Winner

…more to come in 2011? 🙂


5 thoughts on “Yani Tseng Wins 2nd LPGA Player of the Year Award

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  2. The face is, with a W in Korea, Yani already locked up the POY award, but it’s a great move for Michael Whan to announce it in Taiwan.

    • A definite photo-op for the Commish to celebrate Yani in front of her home fans. I know some have criticized Mr. Whan. There have been a few missteps, but I think he has done a great job overall. I also think his enthusiam for the tour and its players is genuine.

  3. Agreed, I think Whan is going a great job for LPGA over all, he is working very hard to make LPGA a better & more popular.

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