Sports Affair Council Denies It Asked For Taiwan Flag Not To Be Raised At LPGA Event

Taiwan National Flag

The Sports Affair Council denied trying to block the Taiwan National Flag from being raised at the 2011 Sunrise LPGA Taiwan Championship, instead asking for the Chinese Taipei Olympic Flag to be raised so as not to offend Beijing.

“Without the national flag, it would be meaningless to hold the tournament in Taiwan.” – Tai Hsia-Ling, SAC Minister

According to Ms. Tai, not only will the national flag be raised, they also plan to give away 27,000 of them during the tournament. The report in a local Taiwanese newpaper also claimed that Hsu Tien-ya, president of the Sunrise Group, was asked by the LPGA and IMG to raised the Chinese Taipei Olympic flag. Ms. Tai also rejected that claim, saying sports and politics should remain separate.

Chinese Taipei Olympic Flag

3 thoughts on “Sports Affair Council Denies It Asked For Taiwan Flag Not To Be Raised At LPGA Event

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  2. YES, what’s the point for Taiwan to host a LPGA event when you can’t show your national flag during the tournament? totally meaningless I would say.

    I don’t know if you noticed, Taiwans flag were in EVERY of LPGA events this year, in WBO, Taiwan flag was right next to host nations flag; in U.S. Open, they even show BOTH Taiwan flag & Taiwan Olympic flag.. but now they ask Taiwan to use Olympic flag during the LPGA Taiwan Championship, it just makes no sence at all.

    I know LPGA is scare of people China, but what they got from them? where was the China game last month? Now, look how hard Taiwanese worked on this tourament, the money they have spent, they host this event like it was a PGA game or a major.

  3. I have a totally reliable contact who has told me that it is indeed true that there were concerted efforts made NOT to to fly the Taiwan national flag, but that the people refused to do that. And congratulations to them for holding the line. The flag of the host country should always be flown, not some other flag for the sake of PC purposes. Three cheers for the people in Taiwan!

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