Yani Tseng A “Sports Genius” Says Competitor (and Friend) Na Yeon Choi

Yani Tseng and Na Yeon Choi (with their 2010 Player of the Year Trophy and Vare Trophy)

2010 Vare Trophy and LPGA money list winner Na Yeon Choi is both competitor and friend to 2010 and 2011 LPGA Player of the Year Yani Tseng. She has had the opportunity to see Yani’s athletic ability both on and off the course and calls the world #1 an “omnipotent sports genius” who excels in squash, billiards and basketball. NYC gave an interview to the Korean newspaper Chosun Ilbo in which she spoke about how impressed she is by Tseng’s natural athletic gifts. The article is here: NYC on Yani, but if you don’t read hangul (Korean alphabet), you can read more here: NYC on Yani (Focus Taiwan).

Yani and Na Yeon Choi with LPGA pioneer Louise Suggs


8 thoughts on “Yani Tseng A “Sports Genius” Says Competitor (and Friend) Na Yeon Choi

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    • Two great champions…by the way, you probably already know this, but NYC does a LOT of charity work in Korea…she was actually at a charity function when this interview took place…

  2. Great found Bobby, I’ve read if Yani wasn’t a pro golfer, she could be a pro 9 ball players, she also said shoot some pool would improve her putting.

  3. Got it, thanks again for the link, been a fan of Fisher for a long time, but I amost forgot about her until you reminded me 2 days ago 🙂

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