2012 LPGA Rookies Have Orientation Day

Danielle Kang

Good luck to all of the rookies in 2012. It’s tough out there. Some will make it as long term players. Probably most will not. But good on the LPGA for offering a comprehensive orientation to help the tour rookies. And many thanks to tour veteran Laura Diaz for helping with the orientation. I hope the rookies were listening well when she spoke.

Lexi Thompson

2 thoughts on “2012 LPGA Rookies Have Orientation Day

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  2. While it’s nice to win the ROY, I think you need to look at a young player’s first half decade to see where they are headed. As for Se Ri and Karrie, I think a good part of their early success and less now is the amount of women who can actually win an event. I have a major theory about all this. On the men’s side of things , you can go back to Bobby Jones. On the the women’s side of things, you can go back to the founding LPGA women and a bit forward to Kathy Whitworth’s time. My point is that when Se Ri came here, she was the model for her country. How many wonderful Korean players can win on a given week now? Many, many. You have an infusion of players from all over. All over Europe, and South America. Not to mention quite a few US players (besides wonderful Lexi) who can become top players. Of course we have a sky’s the limit with Yani. I think maintaining a position in the Rolex top twenty will be a difficult task for almost every player there now.

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