2012 JLPGA Schedule

It was a terrific year again for the LPGA of Japan tour in 2011. Here is the schedule for the upcoming 2012 season.

Dates Tournament Location Prize Fund (¥) Winner
Mar 2-4 Daikin Orchid Ladies Golf Tournament Japan Okinawa 80,000,000
Mar 9-11 Yokohama Tire Golf Tournament PRGR Ladies Cup Japan Kochi 80,000,000
Mar 16-18 T-Point Ladies Golf Tournament Japan Kagoshima 70,000,000
Mar 30 – Apr 1 Yamaha Ladies Open Katsuragi Japan Shizuoka 100,000,000
Apr 6-8 Studio Alice Ladies Open Japan Hyogo 60,000,000
Apr 13-15 Nishijin Ladies Classic Japan Kumamoto 70,000,000
Apr 20-22 Fujisankei Ladies Classic Japan Shizuoka 80,000,000
Apr 27-29 Cyber Agent Ladies Golf Tournament Japan Chiba 70,000,000
May 3-6 World Ladies Championship Salonpas Cup Japan Ibaraki 120,000,000
May 11-13 Fundokin Ladies Japan Fukuoka 80,000,000
May 18-20 Chukyo TV Bridgestone Ladies Open Japan Aichi 70,000,000
May 25-27 Yonex Ladies Golf Tournament Japan Niigata 60,000,000
Jun 1-3 Resort Trust Ladies Japan Nagano 70,000,000
Jun 7-10 Suntory Ladies Open Japan Hyogo 100,000,000
Jun 15-17 Nichirei Ladies Japan Chiba 80,000,000
Jun 22-24 Earth Mondahmin Cup Japan Chiba 100,000,000
Jun 29 – Jul 1 Nichi-Iko Ladies Open Golf Tournament Japan Toyama 60,000,000
Jul 13-15 Stanley Ladies Golf Tournament Japan Shizuoka 90,000,000
Jul 20-22 Samantha Thavasa Girls Collection Ladies Tournament Japan Ibaraki 60,000,000
Aug 3-5 Meiji Cup Japan Hokkaido 90,000,000
Aug 10-12 NEC Karuizawa 72 Golf Tournament Japan Nagano 70,000,000
Aug 17-19 CAT Ladies Japan Kanagawa 60,000,000
Aug 24-26 Nitori Ladies Golf Tournament Japan Hokkaido 100,000,000
Aug 31 – Sep 2 Golf 5 Ladies Professional Golf Tournament Japan Gifu 60,000,000
Sep 6-9 Japan LPGA Championship Konica Minolta Cup Japan Shiga 140,000,000
Sep 14-16 Munsingwear Ladies Tokai Classic Japan Aichi 80,000,000
Sep 21-23 Miyagi TV Cup Dunlop Ladies Open Japan Miyagi 70,000,000
Sep 27-30 Japan Women’s Open Golf Championship Japan Kanagawa 140,000,000
Oct 12-14 Fujitsu Ladies Japan Chiba 80,000,000
Oct 19-21 Masters GC Ladies Japan Hyogo 123,000,000
Oct 26-28 Hisako Higuchi – Morinaga Weider Ladies Japan Chiba 70,000,000
Nov 2-4 Mizuno Classic Japan Mie $1,200,000
Nov 9-11 Ito En Ladies Golf Tournament Japan Chiba 90,000,000
Nov 16-18 Daio Paper Elleair Ladies Open Japan Ehime 100,000,000
Nov 22-25 LPGA Tour Championship Ricoh Cup Japan Miyazaki 100,000,000

Here is a short clip from the 2011 JLPGA Appreciation Ceremony.

…and a few pics from the 2011 Hitachi 3 Tour Challenge, won by the ladies from the JLPGA!

Miki Saiki

Miki was named MVP!

Shiho Oyama

Yukari Baba

Ritsuko Ryu

Yukari shows the love!

Yukari and Sakura Yokomine fist-bumpin'

Sakura Yokomine and Ryo Ishikawa. In the end, the ladies triumphed over the guys!

MVP Miki


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