Jiyai Shin Delivers Food To Elderly, Makes Donations To Support Those With Special Needs

The LPGA is full of women who give back selflessly to their communities. I am always happy to read about their outreach efforts. Former world #1 Jiyai Shin of South Korea spent part of her 2011 holiday delivering food to the elderly. She also donated to efforts to help those with special needs, including providing companion dogs for the disabled.


4 thoughts on “Jiyai Shin Delivers Food To Elderly, Makes Donations To Support Those With Special Needs

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  2. Jiyai is very conscious of helping others. As you mentioned, many of the players across the globe do so much charity work and try to help people. Morgan Pressel took on a big challenge over the holidays. She reported on her trip and included many photos. She went to Israel and met with many young kids of different backgrounds and religions and used golf and other sports to try to get people to see each other in a different light. If you go to the Morgan Pressel Foundation page on Facebook, you can read her account. It was also picked up by ESPNW online.

    • I saw that a while ago, but I kinda stayed away from posting about that. I thought it was a terrific topic and I love Morgan Pressel. But I didn’t feel it fit the themes of this blog. I would post that in a forum, which somebody did over at mylpga. Mostly though, I might still have posted it…I did love the blog and the theme…but I would have had to rip all the media from Morgan’s FB, and I don’t like doing that if I don’t have to…I will do that for organizations…but not personal sites…I might take a few and add them to other photos and video I find elsewhere, but I don’t like doing posts where 100% of the media comes from a personal FB page.

  3. I understand fully where you are coming from. Morgan used to have a strong presence on Twitter, but I think it took too much of her time. The foundation page on FB is used for her charity work in the area of breast cancer. On rare occasions she puts up something personal. She did overlap with her holiday trip but I think she wanted to share with the people who know her what was an important trip to her. Her upcoming annual charity event for her foundation will be coming up shortly. That’s probably more in keeping with presenting the players’ charity work. 🙂

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