2010 Olympic Figure Skating Gold Medalist Kim Yeon-A Speaks To CCTV At The 2012 Winter Youth Olympic Games

2010 Olympic Figure Skating Gold Medalist Kim Yeon-A (Yuna Kim) sat down to talk to CCTV at the 2012 inaugural Winter Youth Olympic Games in Innsbruck, Austria where she is talking to the youth about her experience as an Olympic competitor and champion. She did a good job without using a translator. One thing I would tell interviewers when they interview a person who is still polishing their English…keep questions short. When you ask one question with multiple qualifiers or additional questions attached in the same breath…in other words, lots of compound sentences…you make it more difficult for the person being interviewed. Shorter, to the point questions I think work best. That said, I love seeing Yeon-A talk to the press so her fans around the world (like me) can see her receive more exposure. I also enjoyed hearing her speak about one of her heroes, and my all-time favorite figure skater, Michelle Kwan.


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