Esther Vergeer Feature At The 2012 Australian Open

Esther Vergeer

If you need an example of dominance in sports, look no further than wheelchair tennis champion Esther Vergeer. She is the world’s #1 ranked wheelchair player…and has been since April 6, 1999. As of this post, she has not lost a singles match since 2003. Not one. She entered the 2012 Australian Open with 19 Singles Majors, 20 Doubles Majors, 14 year end Masters singles titles, 9 Masters doubles titles, 3 Paralympic Games singles Gold Medals and 2 Paralympic Games doubles gold medals. She has advanced to the final of the 2012 Australian Open where she will take on #2 seed Aniek Van Koot. Can Van Koot end Vergeer’s 434 match singles winning streak?

Esther explains the rules of wheelchair tennis:

pics from the 2012 Australian Open:


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