Michelle Wie Adopts Gluten-Free Diet, Motivated By Tennis #1 Novak Djokovic

2-time LPGA winner Michelle Wie has switched to a gluten-free diet, in part after hearing about the wonders it did for world tennis #1 Novak Djokovic. Both Michelle and Nole suffer from allergies, which going gluten-free is said to help alleviate due to reducing inflammation. At the 2012 HSBC Women’s Champions in Singapore, Michelle says she has been on the diet for three weeks and feels much better. Will it help her win more events? Well…I don’t know. The athleticism of tennis and golf are very different, so I don’t know how much going gluten-free will help a golfer. However, if Michelle feels better and is healthier, which it seems like she is, than I think that is absolutely fantastic, regardless of how she does on the golf course.

“I heard that story that (Novak Djokovic) turned gluten free and became number one in the world. I think it’s really motivating me. I am allergic to everything in this world, I don’t really digest food very well. So I just thought maybe if I cut out gluten, I can feel better because I heard that it causes inflammation, everything… but it’s been week three and I feel a big difference. My joints don’t feel sore as much. I digest food a lot better. My hands feel less swollen so I feel really good.” – Michelle Wie

with defending HSBC champion, Karrie Webb

with Suzann Pettersen


3 thoughts on “Michelle Wie Adopts Gluten-Free Diet, Motivated By Tennis #1 Novak Djokovic

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  2. Michelle takes such nice pics. The camera loves her. There is an actress I watch in the series Blue Bloods on CBS. Her name is Jennifer Esposito. She is very involved with a gluten free way of life. She even is in the process of opening a gluten free bake shop. There is another celeb very involved with this also. Can’t remember if it is a golfer or singer. My brain cells are not what they used to be.

    • I’ve always though Michelle will have a great career in front of the camera away from golf, if she chooses to act, model or be a commentator.

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