Yani Tseng Picks Up GWAA 2011 Female Player Of The Year Award At 2012 Pre-Masters Ceremony; Sophie Gustafson Presented Ben Hogan Award

Yani Tseng

The Golf Writers Association of America presented Yani Tseng with the 2011 Female Player of the Year Award at a ceremony during the 2012 Masters week. Of course, who would dispute that? Well, apparently the eight writers who didn’t vote for her. Although Yani won 95% of the vote, 5 writers voted for Stacy Lewis, 2 for Suzann Pettersen and 1 for Lexi Thompson. Ummm…WHAT?! The only logical reason you could vote for anybody except Yani is that you figured she would win so handily you wanted to recognize another player. I so disagree with that logic, even if it turns out Yani won anyway by a landslide. If you have a vote, you vote for the best player, not to make a statement or show some favorite of yours some love. And if any of those writers honestly think Stacy, Suzann or Lexi were Player of the Year over Yani, then they shouldn’t be voting. Lexi became the youngest LPGA winner, a great achievement. But even if you put aside Yani’s non-LPGA wins, she won 7 LPGA titles and 2 Majors in 2011.  Counting only LPGA events, the other three COMBINED won 4 titles and 1 Major. So while she might have won 95% of the vote…she is 100% the best!

with Luke Donald

Sophie Gustafson also picked up the Ben Hogan Award. Sophie had a superb Solheim Cup. More importantly, she began to open up and speak in public, something she was hesistant to do because of a stuttering condition. It was a joy to hear from Sophie and see her take a big step like that.

3 thoughts on “Yani Tseng Picks Up GWAA 2011 Female Player Of The Year Award At 2012 Pre-Masters Ceremony; Sophie Gustafson Presented Ben Hogan Award

  1. I agree with you 100 % that Yani is the best. And that voting otherwise is questionable. I also believe there is a conscious effort to over shadow Na Yeon Choi as World # 2 and her achievements. All I hear about is Suzanne Peterson who I think is a little overated in comparsion. During the Kraft Nabisco she was interviewed and seemed to be slightly condencending towards Yani. Is it my imagination or a little jealously? I like Stacey Lewis and think she is a good player. What do you think, are the commentators shunning choi?

    • I agree on both counts. Even on TGC broadcasts whenever the subject of who can challenge Yani comes up, it seems to nearly always be a response of Suzann. I like Suzann…but beyond liking her or not, it seems she is the one they WANT to be Yani’s rival among those in the top 5. FRom what I have seen at the moment, Yani has one true rival at the moment. The record book.

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