LPGA Star Na Yeon Choi Visits Korean Naval Fleet

Na Yeon Choi visit Korea’s 2nd Fleet as an ambassador. The world’s #2 ranked (4.9.2012) female golfer took a tour of vessels as well as signed autographs. The picture where she is bowing her head with the wreckage in the background shows part of the ROKS Cheonan, a Korean navy ship sunk in 2010 by a North Korean torpedo. North Korea denies this, but an international group of investigators concluded that North Korea was indeed culpable. Getting back to NYC, she looks terrific in the Navy uniform!


5 thoughts on “LPGA Star Na Yeon Choi Visits Korean Naval Fleet

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  2. Reblogged this on n e w d i g i t a l s c a p e s and commented:
    The great thing about blogging is the diverse interests that are shared with one another. Fairways and Forehands, is for me a gem. It keeps me up with all the LPGA news. I love many sports, and following them can be time consuming. So this shout out goes to Fairways and Forehands, for again posting a glimpse of the life of my favorite female athlete Na Yeon Choi. As of now, still the World # 2.
    And … Go Navy!!

  3. Very big fan of N.Y. Choi…she is fantastic to watch on LPGA events. Though she is short and slim but her drives, short game is amazing. Can not wait to see her in Sysbase Match play in New Jersey next week. Great venue!!!!!

    • She is fantastic…match play is tough…the best player doesn’t always win…but I hope NYC plays well and challenges for the win 🙂

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