Suzann Pettersen Birthday Appreciation

Suzann Pettersen celebrated her 31st birthday on April 7th, 2012. In appreciation of the career of the 8-time LPGA winner and 5-time Ladies European Tour winner, the good folks at Golfing World put together a nice little retrospective.

4 thoughts on “Suzann Pettersen Birthday Appreciation

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  2. Suzann has such a will to compete and win. I just wish she did not look in such agony most of her time on the course. I’m not thinking she should be gigling when she is 3 over or anything. I mean LIncicome, Pressel and even Yano don’t look happy when not playing well. Suzann seems to be in pain. She is a terrific player and is beautiful with a beautiful smile. Wish she would seem to be enjoying her career more.

    • She looks like she’s grinding all the time…at 31, I doubt she will change her focus on the course…it’s brought her this far 🙂

  3. Sorry for the “o” instead of “i” in Yani above. Hah! Maybe she would like that as a nickname. Suzann does grind and I think you are right- her personality is pretty well set. I love Jiyai’s on course demeanor finding time to always smile. I guess we can put Karin Sjödin in that smiling category also.

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