LPGA Star Lexi Thompson Makes Prom Date Choice

I usually have a few thoughts when I make a blog post. However, out of respect for what Lexi is doing here and what our military does, I will step aside and let Lexi do the talking.

I have decided to go to prom with USMC wounded warrior and Purple Heart recipient Lance Corporal Mark Scott from Naperville, IL. Mark’s story was simply amazing!

Thank you to all the military men who shared their really passionate stories with me on Facebook. It was humbling to read each and every one, and you are all American Heroes in my mind. Thank you for serving our great nation and giving me the freedom to do what I love every day.

More info on Mark Scott watch this video and read all the stories on Facebook: http://on.fb.me/IxtOIx – Lexi Thompson


2 thoughts on “LPGA Star Lexi Thompson Makes Prom Date Choice

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  2. Having been fortunate enough to spend a few minutes in the company of Lexi and her Mom last year, I know she is a great kid and I’m sure she did her best to choose a great guy from our wonderful military.

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