Morgan Pressel: Fairways and Photography

Morgan Pressel

In the lead up to the US Open, Kohler is letting fans see a little peek behind the scenes and learn about some of the interests of various LPGA players. In this video LPGA Major winner Morgan Pressel shares her love of photography. In addition to being a world class golf professional, Morgan’s work with her foundation has raised a lot of money in the fight against breast cancer. She was also a 4.0 student in high school who scored 790 out of 800 on her math SAT. A professional athlete. A caring heart. Intelligent and beautiful. Morgan has it all!

8 thoughts on “Morgan Pressel: Fairways and Photography

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  2. This put a smile on my face. You know I hold Morgan in high regard. I know you are a bit more focused on Wimbledon at the moment. I’m sure if I eat some strawberries, when I read your Wimbledon blogs , I’ll feel like I am there!! 🙂

    • True..Wimbledon really has my attention now…but when I saw the Morgan video, I had to post it! 🙂

  3. I listened to your audio on Birdie Kim. The first time I saw Morgan play in person was in match play in New Rochelle when she lost to Birdie in the HSBC. It’s ironic we are talking about all this because at the Open that Birdie won, not only Morgan was very close to winning but also Brittany Lang was right there also. Less than 24 hours ago Lang won her first LPGA tournament. She and Morgan are both in their 7th year as full time LPGA pros.

    • I kind of took it out on Morgan when the American press was calling Birdie a lucky winner. That wasn’t fair to Morgan. Now, maybe the shot was lucky, maybe it wasn’t. But Birdie needed to play well for 71 holes to make that shot, lucky or not, count for something. Brittany breaks the Duke curse! I wish it had been Virada who broke it…but good for Brittany…now it’s time for Amanda Blumenherst to get that first win.

  4. Amanda either got married last week or is getting married in the next week or two. Her future husband is a baseball player. Amanda is much like Vicky Hurst. They both have serious games. Hard to believe they have not had a big impact yet. Then again, look at Stacy lewis. It was thought she would start her career with early wins. Of course that did not happen, but look at her now!

    • Sounds like Amanda has more important matters on her mind at the moment…we’ll see her down the line, I’m sure…

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