Tiger Woods Wins 2012 AT&T National, Trails Only Sam Snead In PGA Tour Wins

Tiger Woods

Wasn’t sure where to put this. There is a thread in another section, but this is the PGA folder, so I put it here. Win #3 on the year and PGA Tour win #74. Suddenly, the 82 wins of Sam Snead seems within reach again, as does maybe the 18 Majors of Jack Nicklaus. Obviously, it’s been some time since the last Major, but Tiger’s play does seem to be heading in a direction where winning more Majors feels more and more inevitable. However, Tiger probably won’t win an LPGA Tour event, so Sam Snead will always have him there!

A little recap from the PGA Tour…honestly, I thought Tiger was done…not in terms of winning events, because he wasn’t far off from doing that…even in his slump…but rather, done from challenging for PGA Player of the Year…it’s only July…so there’s a long way to go and Majors to be played…still…

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