LPGA Star Suzann Pettersen Appears Nude In 2012 ESPN Magazine “The Body” Issue


You have to hand it to Suzann Pettersen, she does what she wants when she wants to do it. But before I get to the sans clothes photoshoot for ESPN, let me state clearly for those who might not know, Suzann Pettersen is no marginal golfer trying to make a name for herself with risque photos. NOT AT ALL. Suzann is one of the greatest champions currently playing women’s golf. She is an 8 time LPGA winner, including a Major. Additionally, she is a 5 time Ladies European Tour winner. She brings a serious work ethic to her physical fitness, known for being a gym rat who works out 2 hours a day, 6 days a week. So don’t take this photoshoot as a sign that she is trying to boost flimsy credentials. But the Body Issue, as ESPN calls it, is an issue that many top athletes have participated in and Suzann felt honored doing it. And she’s not the first LPGA player to pose for the Body Issue. Christina Kim, Belen Mozo and Anna Grzebien also have. Suzann is the best to have done so, however.

“A lot of the best athletes in the world have done it, and I thought it was great to be asked. I thought about it, being naked and all, but I never really considered not doing it. I just had to make sure that I was comfortable in doing it. It’s as natural as it gets. It’s health at its peak. I’m in great company. This was a great opportunity for me. If they present the photos in the right way, which I’m sure they will do, there’s not going to be anything to be embarrassed about or to criticize. And then I think I did all the poses that there are. There’s nothing to be ashamed about. I am honored that they asked me to be with world-class athletes. I won’t be posing nude again, but I’m glad I did it.” – Suzann Pettersen

She also said she tried to diet before the shoot, but the diet didn’t last long. Ultimately, she felt they should take her as she is. In my opinion, there’s nothing for her to worry about there. She works out so much that her body is in tip-top shape. Incidentally, I mentioned that other LPGA players have posed for the Body Issue. Here is a photo from the magazine of one of them, Belen Mozo.


2 thoughts on “LPGA Star Suzann Pettersen Appears Nude In 2012 ESPN Magazine “The Body” Issue

  1. Hi my name is Alex

    I am a very big sports fan period and love to see people feel comfortable enough with there bodies and themselves over to pose nude and or fully clothed.

    It take a lot of hard work to look like Suzanne as mentioned in her bio but hats off to her for doing it.


    I must say she looks adorable classy and confident.


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