Serena Williams Golden At 2012 London Olympics; Maria Sharapova Takes Silver, Victoria Azarenka Takes Bronze

Serena Williams (click pic to enlarge)

If it had been a fight they would have stopped it. I’ve been sick the past few days and missed covering the semis and am late covering the final of the 2012 London Olympics Tennis competition. But nothing like the sick beatdown Serena administered to Maria Sharapova in the final. I thought her brushing aside of #1 ranked Victoria Azarenka in the semis was impressive. Who knew the best was yet to come? 6-0 6-1. Whew. Masha should never…ever…lose to anybody like that. I have openly mentioned this before but it seems like Vika and Masha are mentally beaten going against Serena. Other players, even losing to Serena, don’t look this overwhelmed. Nevertheless, when a player does what Serena did in the gold medal match, you just have to stand up and salute all-time great tennis when you see it if you are a fan of the game. With the win, Serena completes the Career Golden Slam, all four Majors plus the Gold Medal.

“It’s too much. I never expected gold in singles. I was so happy with my doubles golds. I thought if my career’s over I have my gold medal, now I have everything, literally. I have everything there is to win in tennis. Where do I go from here? Now I can go to Disneyworld!” – Serena Williams

Vika overwhelmed winning bronze medal (click pic to enlarge)

There is a lot I love about the Olympics. One of them is that while there is only one winner, three athletes get medals and stand on the podium. For a lot of countries, to have any medal is a big deal. I was very impressed with the reaction and attitude of Vika and Masha taking home bronze and silver. Vika, in particular, was overcome with emotion. In a regular event, only one player gets to end the tournament with a win. In the Olympics, the bronze medal match allows 2 athletes to end with a win. Both Vika and Masha, barring injury or burnout, are still young enough to look to Rio 2016. In fact, both of them would be younger than Serena is now in 2016.

“A silver medal means a lot to me, though. It’s always disappointing to lose in the final but it’s great to get a medal in my first Olympic Games. For sure I’ll be trying again in Rio. I want that gold medal!” – Maria Sharapova

Singles – Gold Medal Match
(4) Serena Williams (USA) d. (3) Maria Sharapova (RUS) 60 61

Singles – Bronze Medal Match
(1) Victoria Azarenka (BLR) d. (14) Maria Kirilenko (RUS) 63 64







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