Ronda Rousey Successfully Defends Strikeforce Bantamweight Title With Quick Armbar Submission Of Former Champion Sarah Kaufman

Ronda Rousey (click to enlarge)

Oh. my. goodness. Wow. Going into the Ronda Rousey vs Sarah Kaufman Strikeforce Bantamweight Championship fight, I thought that win or lose, Sarah would be the first opponent to push Ronda to a second round. Guess not. With breathtaking ease, Rousey took the aggression straight to Kaufman, firing off a combination of strikes that pushed Sarah back into the cage, leading to a clinch. In retrospect, once the clinch happened it was the beginning of the end. Rousey took Kaufman to the ground out of the clinch, establishing a dominant top position. After a few punches, the grappling began. Everybody who knows anything about Rousey knows her signature move is the armbar. Sarah knows it, too. No doubt they spent weeks on how to prevent or escape that hold. It didn’t matter one bit. Sarah couldn’t stop it. Ronda went for it and the best Sarah could do was postpone the inevitable by locking her arms. But once Rousey managed to break Sarah’s lock, it was over. Tap or snap. Sarah wisely chose to tap out instead of getting her arm snapped.

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This is some devastating run Ronda is on, beating every opponent by first round armbar including two former champions, Kaufman and Miesha Tate. Cris “Cyborg” Santos says she wants to fight Ronda (at 145 lbs, not 135), and if she passes all of her substance tests when she returns, that’s the biggest women’s match since Cyborg vs Gina Carano. I think that considering Cyborg is coming off an anabolic steroid suspension and Ronda has attracted a whole new audience for women’s mixed martial arts, that it is up to Cyborg to come down to 135, not Ronda to go up to 145, even if Ronda did drop down to 135 for the Miesha Tate fight. Cyborg is in no position to force Ronda to do anything. If Cyborg doesn’t want to, or can’t, come down to 135, then she can trash talk all she wants. Ronda should just move on. Don’t take the bait.














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