WTA Players Learning Chinese Phrases At 2012 China Open

Christina McHale (click to enlarge)

Last year, the WTA posted a video of some of their players trying to learn Mandarin Chinese phrases. They did the same this year. The following video shows the highlights and lowlights. But all had fun. Rising American star Christina McHale did the best job of the non-native speakers, which is not surprising considering her family lived in China for 5 years when she was younger. While she is not fluent in Mandarin, it is said that she has a level of ability. I, too, have formally studied…and continue to study…Mandarin. I won’t say who is the worst to my ears, because it’s all for fun, but Christina to my ears was the best non-native speaker. Marion Bartoli did ok. She nailed “zhu ni hao yun” (wish you good luck). My only disappointment- Vika was there, Aga was there, Samantha Stosur was there, Petra was there…but where was Maria Sharapova? I would have loved to have heard her give it a go. As focused and business like as she is on court she seems to have a sense of humor off court. I think she would have had a lot of fun hacking up her attempts! 🙂

Christina McHale (click to enlarge)


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