Victoria Azarenka At 2013 Australian Open Draw Ceremony

Victoria Azarenka (click to enlarge)

With a few preliminary tournaments played or winding up this Saturday, it’s time to turn towards the first Major of 2013, the Australian Open. Last year, Victoria Azarenka earned her biggest career title, emerging as the women’s singles champion and world #1. If she’s healthy, I don’t see why she wouldn’t make another deep run at least into the semis. And although Serena Williams is the big odds-on favorite, don’t forget that Serena was here last year too and it was still Vika who was standing at the end. In the following video, Vika makes her debut at the 29 minute 10 second mark, so you can forward to that point if you just want to see her. A few minutes after the boat ride in, there are nice interviews with her and Novak Djokovic, the reigning men’s singles champion. That part of the video starts at the 39 and a half minute mark, so you can also forward to that point.



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