Stars Shine At Australian Open 2013 IMG Players Party

Maria Sharapova (click to enlarge)

Before the action in the main draw gets started, some of the top stars came out for the Australian Open 2013 IMG Players Party at the Crown Towers in Melbourne. Of course, everybody looked fantastic, but you probably already know that. So no more drivel from me. Let’s see the photos!! 🙂







AMBER GREASLEY (Miss World Australia 2011)

SHANE WARNE (Australian Cricketer) and fiancé, ELIZABETH HURLEY (actress)



7 thoughts on “Stars Shine At Australian Open 2013 IMG Players Party

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  2. All the players look nice. Just not sure about Sharapova’s outfit. Not that I am a fashion expert, but I think she should see what the LPGA women wear. What do you think?

    • Well…I am probably not the person to ask, since I am biased…I always think Masha looks great! LOL! Counting the days until LPGA action. 🙂

  3. She looks great- that is true. She is so beautiful I think she needs to pick outfits that are up to her standard of beauty. The nicest thing about the outfit is that it looks very light which would keep her cool in the Aussie heat.

  4. Yes! The LPGA will be playing in just a few weeks. Morgan Pressel had another record breaking fund-raiser for her Foundation this month and now she is three days from her wedding!! I hope you might write about either or both. Many familiar LPGA names will be either bridesmaids or guests for the wedding! 🙂

    • I was considering the fundraiser, but it was difficult to find media other than from Morgan’s FB page…and I don’t like hotlinking FB photos…particularly multiple photos…unless I just can’t help it…but I might reconsider if I can find some time during the Aussie Open.

  5. That is a difficult area- linking photos. I know I see some photos that I would love to share, but I usually do not because I’m not sure the athlete wants to do that.

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