Photo and links issue

Photos and links will be restored to my blog within the week. A great many of my posts have photos linked to my Flickr account. Without my consent, a bug on their system made them turn all my Flickr links to private and change the URLS. Unfortunately, I took a bit of a vacation after the Australian Open and didn’t notice until today. As there are literally well over a thousand affected photos and links this will take time to fix. Thanks, Flickr…not.


3 thoughts on “Photo and links issue

  1. Sorry to hear you had so many problems with all that. I know you put a lot of effort in your blogs and are proud of your coverage (as well you should be proud.) From the pix I’ve seen and what I’ve heard, MP had a perfect wedding. Of course this month started off with another win for the hard to fathom Lydia Ko. What a talent!! She re-tweeted the tweet I sent to her after her win. So many great storylines setting up for Australia this week. Plus we get some TV coverage!!

    • I did see some nice photos other players posted on their social sites. I hope Morgan has at least one win this year…hopefully more. Yeah, the link thing was a bummer. Since I burned out a little around September last year from blogging all the time, I decided to take some time away after the Australian Open and pace myself in 2013 so I didn’t even notice photos and links weren’t working until a few days ago. But it should be fixed now…vacation time is over…time to get back to blogging!! 🙂

  2. It’s good you learned from experience to prevent burn out in the future. You are young and pacing one’s self is not usually a young person’s strong suit. 🙂

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