Venus and Serena Documentary: Official Trailer

I am looking forward to seeing the Venus and Serena documentary. Whether a person is a fan of one, both or neither of them, I think what they have accomplished given the long odds against them has to be applauded. We have seen sister acts in tennis and other sports before. I can’t say that we’ve seen two players of this high a skill level both be ranked #1 and head straight to the Hall of Fame. Serena might go down as one of the 3 best players ever, if not the greatest. Right now, I still have the 15-time singles Major winner behind a few women but she has time. Serena has shined so brightly that we tend to forget that Venus is a 7-time Major winner in singles and has a singles Olympic Gold medal like Serena. So just in singles they have 22 Majors and 2 Gold Medals combined. Don’t even get me started on their doubles record which is equally impressive. Here is the trailer:

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