Meg Mallon Talks Solheim Cup At 2013 Wegmans LPGA Championship

l-r: Dottie Pepper, Asst. Captain; Meg Mallon, Captain; Laura Diaz, Asst. Captain (click to enlarge)

United States Solheim Cup Captain sat down at the 2013 Wegmans LPGA Championship to talk about the American Solheim Cup team, who she feels are locks and the pressure of Solheim Cup, among other issues. Interesting how she said in passing how not being ready for the pressure of Solheim Cup can ruin a career. I also like how frank she is about how anybody who doesn’t qualify outright for the team shouldn’t expect sympathy if they aren’t picked with the 11th and 12th captain’s picks. I know there has been controversy over past captain’s picks. Meg seems to be saying if you think you should be on the team, then make it outright, like she did when she was a player.

Meg Mallon (click to enlarge)



4 thoughts on “Meg Mallon Talks Solheim Cup At 2013 Wegmans LPGA Championship

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  2. Morgan was interviewed on TGC since there was no golf being played on course. She was asked about the Solheim team and after a nervous laugh, you could tell by what she said that it still means a great deal to her. She did mention she needs to get playing a lot better and soon!

    • Even if Morgan isn’t 11th or 12th, I think Meg Mallon should choose her. She’s 7-2-2 in Solheim Cup, including 6-0-1 in the last two. Morgan has delivered big time in Solheim Cup play. 🙂

      • You know that is the way I feel also. Her record in Junior Solheim and Solheim has been outstanding. There are other young players making a name for themselves and I think Meg has to give them consideration also. What helps Morgan also is that she has three friends and fans in Meg, Diaz, and Pepper. I’m sure it will all work out for the best.

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