Former LPGA Golfer Danielle Downey Lost In Tragic Car Accident

Danielle Downey at 2008 Bell Micro LPGA Classic (click to enlarge)

It is with sadness I pause today to honor the memory of former LPGA golfer Danielle Downey. The Director of Golf Operations at Auburn University for the past two years, Danielle died in car accident Thursday night. Danielle won the 2004 Lima Memorial Hospital Futures Golf Classic on the Futures Tour (now the Symetra Tour). The Spencerport, New York (a suburb of Rochester) native was a 3-time New York State women’s amateur champion from 1999 thru 2001. Not only a golfer, Danielle was a thousand point career scorer for her Spencerport High School basketball team.

Danielle Downey at 2008 State Farm Classic (click to enlarge)

Danielle was a three-time All-American at Auburn University, as well as a four-time All-SEC player. She was part of Auburn’s 2000 and 2003 SEC Championship teams. She returned to Auburn to fill in as interim coach when head coach Kim Evans was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Coach Evans has since returned to her position while Danielle became Director of Operations. Sadly, her life ended at only 33 years old when she lost control of her car in a one car accident in Auburn, Alabama. Honestly, it pains me to even share the details of her accident and injuries suffered. If you would like to read the specific details you can do so here at the USA Today: DANIELLE DOWNEY USA TODAY ARTICLE

I wish her family and friends my deepest condolences. May they find comfort in each other and in the memories left behind.



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