Hall of Fame LPGA Golfer Karrie Webb Quizzed By Sara Kemp

Karrie Webb (click to enlarge)

It’s been a joy over the last few seasons to see a different side of Karrie Webb. I’m sure she’s always had this side, but before the YouTube age all I had to go on was just playing and interviews. For a lot of players, the course is the office. It’s business out there. There’s a lot of money and pressure hanging on every shot. I can’t blame players for locking in and staying uber-focused. So I really am pleased whenever I can see a player let their hair down and be themselves, have a few laughs and open up a bit. Here, she is quizzed by fellow Australian golfer, Sarah Kemp. I agree with Karrie’s worst rule. If they changed it, maybe it would speed the game up.

Karrie Webb (click to enlarge)


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