Paula Creamer, Lydia Ko Preview Pinehurst #2 For 2014 US Women’s Open; Morgan Pressel Has Advice For Lucy Li

Paula Creamer, 2010 US Women’s Open champion (click to enlarge)

A once and possibly future US Women’s Open champion give their thoughts concerning Pinehurst #2 leading up to the greatest event in women’s golf. The 2014 edition of the US Women’s Open will follow on the same course as the men’s US Open. Whether or not that’s a good idea remains to be seen. In any case, here are 2010 champion, Paula Creamer, and perhaps a future champion, Lydia Ko, with their opinions on Pinehurst #2.

11-year old Lucy Li at Augusta National winning Drive, Putt and Chip title (click to enlarge)

One intriguing storyline of the 2014 US Women’s Open is Lucy Li, who at 11-years old is the youngest ever qualifier. Years before Lucy, Morgan Pressel was the dazzling young phenom when she qualified for the Open at 12-years old. Now 26 and married, Morgan reflects back on the experience of being the precocious talent competing against the seasoned best in the world. Not surprisingly, she also has a few words of advice for Lucy.



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