2014 US Women’s Open Champion Michelle Wie Does The Big Apple Media Tour

Michelle Wie (click to enlarge)

Michelle Wie was the toast of the town as the 2014 US Women’s Open champion. She took her trophy to New York City, appearing on the Today Show, CNN, Fox & Friends and even doing a street interview for TMZ. In the TMZ interview, she reveals taking money off basketball legend Michael Jordan in some cash games. Michael is well known as an avid golfer. Apparently, Michelle says he’s actually pretty good.

Michelle Wie (click to enlarge)

She was also able to take a few photos at the Empire State Building. Among all the fun, quick stops Michelle also gave a call-in interview to the Dan Patrick Show where she was able to talk about her career, getting to where she is now and lessons learned. By the way, everybody is bringing up twerking. Yes, she twerked a little at a party celebrating her victory. Hey, let a 24 year old have some fun. She earned it.





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