Maria Sharapova At 2014 ESPY Awards

Maria Sharapova and Floyd Mayweather (click to enlarge)

Maria Sharapova had quite an eventful 2014 ESPYS. She walked away with the Best Female Tennis Player Award (more on that in a moment), but also lit up social media after her playful interaction with boxer Floyd Mayweather. Masha is 6’2″ and often wears heels with formal dresses, making her anywhere from 6’5″ to 6’7″ on occassion. Floyd Mayweather is 5’8″. First, Masha kind of boxed out Floyd from the podium, losing track of where he was. Then after The Money Man stepped to the podium, Masha leaned on him from behind, launching a slew of animated gifs and vines. Two things. One is that Masha, for all of her serious, ultra focused demeanor on court, does have a pretty good sense of humor off court. The other thing is if you didn’t see the show, host Drake gave Money Mayweather a long, elaborate introduction, followed by a mockingly short and terse mention of Sharapova, which is why Masha said where was my introduction. Drake currently has some sort of beef with tennis player Nick Kyrgios. I don’t know why, but it seems to have carried over to his introduction, lame as it was, of Sharapova even though she has nothing to do with his issue with Kyrgios. Interestingly, Floyd and Masha were the top male and female money earners in sports on Forbes latest list of the top paid athletes in the world. As for Sharapova winning Best Female Tennis Player. It’s a vote through ESPN fan voting. It’s not an official tennis award. Now, if  we are just talking 2014, she’d be in the running with a Major championship and 3 titles overall so far. If she keeps it going, yes she could very well win Player of the Year. However, if we are talking the past 12 months, she only played 1 match the second half of 2013. I guess it would go to Serena Williams in that case…although on second thought, Serena has been way below form in all three Majors in 2014, despite winning the 2013 US Open. Also in the discussion would be Simona Halep, who has 8 wins in the last 13 months and a Major runner-up finish.



with Auburn football coach, Gus Malzahn, and Floyd Mayweather

with Malzahn, Mayweather and members of the Auburn Football Team

with former WNBA basketball player, Lisa Leslie



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