Three Cheers For International Crown

Having had a few days to reflect, I absolutely loved International Crown despite the USA and Thailand not winning. The adage that winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing isn’t always true. If the format stays relatively consistent, and I sure hope it does, I can’t imagine not having a rooting interest. The Americans and South Koreans should always rank among the top eight teams. But just seeing Thailand out there was so special for me. A few of the players went on Facebook and apologized for not playing better. Maaaaaaaaaan, I don’t hold anything against them. It wasn’t that long ago that we might not have even been able to field a team in the top eight, especially after Aree and Naree switched from representing Thailand to South Korea, which is fully within their rights to do.

Even had Thailand and, unthinkably, the USA or South Korea been absent I still love the country vs country aspect. It’s not an entire continent like Solheim (Europe) or Lexus (Asia). As a tennis fan I have always loved Fed Cup and Davis Cup, even when the USA doesn’t win. My favorite sporting event has always been the Summer Olympics, with all the nations competing. And maybe some think this is just table scraps for non Solheim eligible teams who complain about exclusion. Well, so what if it is? Why can’t the rest of us have nice things too, especially when some of those countries, particularly South Korea, have pumped a lot of money into the LPGA economy over the years through sponsorships and television deals?

So no pictures or videos for this post. Just wanted to give three cheers for International Crown and hope it grows over the years. This is just the beginning.


2 thoughts on “Three Cheers For International Crown

  1. Well put Bobby! I watched what I could, and it appears the girls really were trying hard to win no matter what country! It made it a team sport instead of individual! Should make it that the next event be held in the winner’ country! I was pulling for Korea…but funny how most all live in US. Which is good…still trying to get together with IK…I really want to play golf with her just one time! I know she would win but it would be fun plus I know I could learn a lot from her coaching!

    See Ya,

    • Thanks! I wish this were every season. Next event in the winner’s country. I like that idea. You should suggest that to them. Obviously the next one is at Rich Harvest outside of Chicago. I plan on being there for that.

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