Serena Williams Wins 2014 WTA Finals

Serena Williams (click to enlarge)

And this is why Simona Halep should have let Ana Ivanovic beat her in straight sets during round robin play at the 2014 WTA Finals. Simona had the chance to lock Serena out of the semifinals, and ultimately the final, had she gone through the motions in her third round robin match, a match she didn’t need to win. But Simona tried to beat Ana. She didn’t. However, she took one set off Ivanovic, which allowed Serena to advance. I know that’s the honorable way to play. Also, some might say you go out to win every match. The first part I agree with, the second I do not. In this case, when a match win wasn’t necessary, you play to give yourself the best chance to win the tournament. That’s especially true when Simona had already beaten Serena, 6-0 6-2, during round robin play. Maybe that win caused a bit of overconfidence. As Renae Stubbs accurately stated, Simona learned that beating Serena on a weekday is one thing. Beating her on the weekend is another. Serena has reached 7 finals in 2014 and won all of them. Serena showed why she is the best player in the world and one of the best who have ever played, exacting sweet revenge, 6-3 6-0, to win the 2014 WTA Finals. It’s her 5th WTA Finals singles title and 64th career singles title.  She is the third player to win 3 consecutive WTA Finals titles and the first to do so since Monica Seles in 1992. Serena’s fifth year end title matches the 5 won by Steffi Graf. Martina Navratilova leads with 8. Williams also finishes the year the same way she started it, ranked #1. She’s the first player since Steffi Graf in 1996 to hold the top ranking the entire calendar year. Although Williams was shaky in the first three Majors of the year, she finished the year in fine form, reminding everybody with her US Open and WTA Finals wins that when she is on, everybody else is playing for second place.






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