ANA Inspiration: Can’t Take The Heartbreak

Ariya Jutanugarn (click to enlarge)

I thought watching Ariya Jutanugarn implode with a 3-shot lead on the 72nd hole of the 2013 Honda LPGA Thailand was as low as it could get for me as an LPGA fan. I was wrong. Watching May unravel over the last 3 holes of the 2016 ANA Inspiration gutted me. I can’t take this anymore. I need a break from the LPGA for awhile. I haven’t really been posting much about the LPGA anyway these days, favoring the JLPGA instead, but I have been watching every round. I am just so emotionally invested in watching a player representing Thailand win their first official event that what happened Sunday at Mission Hills was too much. May, who does have a Ladies European Tour victory, is my favorite player. By far. And she’s Thai. To watch Ariya not once, but twice snatch defeat from the jaws of victory is painful. Yes, Lydia Ko played well and put herself in position to win. But had Jutanugarn simply parred out the final three holes, she wins the first official title for Thailand. I am a fan of a lot of players and countries, especially the Seoul Sisters. To me, that includes a Kiwi of Korean descent like Ko. But they have like what…50 billion wins so far? I’m just asking the Golf Gods for 1 stinkin’ win for the Siam Sisters…preferably Ariya, but I’ll take anybody…Pornanong Phatlum, Moriya Jutanugarn, PK Kongkraphan…anybody! But even if they don’t win, I can’t watch anymore meltdowns when they should have won…that’s worse. That’s like the Golf Gods twisting the knife. So I’m out on the LPGA…and LPGA social media sites…for the time being. Call me if one of my Siam Sisters wins one.

8 thoughts on “ANA Inspiration: Can’t Take The Heartbreak

  1. I agree with you. It was hard to watch Ariya bogey the three final holes. It has been an interesting year on the LPGA. The main thing for me has been the resurgence of my favorite player Ai Miyazato. I have been a huge fan of Miss Miyazato since she joined the LPGA in 2007. Even through these last three or four years which have not been kind to Ai. and i guess that i will be a huge fan of Ai Miyazato until she no longer plays. She is a terrific player and a terrific person from all that i have seen. And back to your post, i have been a huge fan of the JLPGA. Thanks for this site. I enjoy the posts

  2. Some on course reporter named Foltz for Golf channel came up to Ariya and her caddie on 16 and jinxed them by telling them she had a 2 shot lead. Then she proceeded to duck hook pull shots and bogeyed the last three holes. I suppose ignorance is bliss, huh?

    • I have to say, even if somebody did tell Ariya that…she still has to find a way to finish events. I still believe in her…she’s only 20…I just feel like for the second time, a tournament was RIGHT THERE for her…but I will keep the faith! 🙂

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